Project Management Office

Project Quality and Project Excellence includes having a quality management plan, and ties directly into the information management plan. Quality is one of a project's six constraints. Having the metrics available to assess risk and compliance concerns, and then creating a plan for sustainable risk mitigation and regulatory compliance is essential.


Looking at past performance is one way that pqe360 evaluates the best methods and requirements for future success. That allows us to determine the most appropriate consulting or secondment services that will put the client in the best possible position to execute projects of all sizes.


pqe360 is dedicated to improving the quality of projects before, during, and post execution, with follow through into construction and operations. We enable organizations to be leaders in project planning and risk mitigation, and have the ability to work with our client's teams on projects as they progress through the experience.


Our experienced project professionals work on the systems that best fits each client's culture, projects, and needs.