Procedures form the basis of a management system. They establish the rules, guidelines and options for all members of internal and external teams.


Well written procedures do not take individuals on one path, but provide multiple paths depending on the situation they face at any given moment. Ensuring that procedures are written to suit the demographics of an organization is just as important as the content found within.


At dms360, we have already done the majority of the work that is needed, forming a skeleton on which to build the culture and nuances specific to our clients.


Product pricing includes all continual updates and maintenance of the procedures listed here. Maintenance reflects the up to date regulations, security protocols, and best practices and standards.


Additional Procedures are available as part of the consulting work, as needed by the client.

Publishing Engineering Data

This is the full Procedure document that is created specifically for our client. The elements of this document are based on the results of conceptual meetings that dms360 facilitates. Our Subject Matter Experts present preconfigured concepts, such as nomenclature, data structure, data security, regulatory compliance, data mapping, etc. to the stakeholders at these discussion sessions. The details and decisions that arise thereafter, combined with our expertise as well as other best practices, then create the basis for the customization.

Vendor/Supplier Documentation Submissions

This document is the Procedure that encompasses all the processes and requirements to manage and expedite the incoming vendor, supplier, or manufacturer documentation submissions. It is designed to suit our client's needs, whether the purchasing organization is acting as an agent for their own client, or a supplier/manufacturer purchasing components for their own order. This procedure is a vital document that encompasses documentation and data submission process, submission review, and integration of data into the downstream users of the information.

Engineering Contractor Requirements

The concise document is used in Requests for Proposals to our owner organization client's contractors to ensure the contractor understands the scope of supply for the documentation deliverables, including which files to send when, how, and to whom. It is a shortened version of the full Procedures to prevent overstepping the boundaries of what is reasonably expected of a contractor, and to ensure that the efforts spent on the development of our client's processes does not inadvertently go to third parties.

Acquisition and Integration Information


This document outlines the pre-work to evaluate the health of documentation and data files during the bid process, the processes to gather the documentation of an asset, and the methods for integrating the purchased asset's information into the purchasing organizations systems.
The benefit to this procedure is the increased awareness to the costs and efforts required on integrating information, which improves safety of operating the new asset and greater regulatory compliance.

Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance processes are slightly different to project or task processes as the content of the documentation that governs an organization should utilize a strong and steady change management plan. This document outlines the standards by which corporate governance documetnation must be managed.

Drafting and Design Standards

Drafting standards are created to ensure that all best practices are being met by our client's drafting departments, as well as to define the expectation our clients have for how CADDed files are created and returned by their contractors. The major focus within this procedure is on drawing management, ensuring that the creation of the drawings, the traceability of revisions, concurrent engineering workflows, and all other drawing management elements have quality assurance processes.

Populating Data into Microsoft Project

This document outlines the processes and methods used to create the project data and information, and thereafter populating Microsoft Project to track and manipulate project milestones, deliverables, and schedule to best mitigate errors in planning and execution of projects.

Populating Data into Primarvera

This Procedure captures all the elements required to establish and populate, plan, and manage your Primarvera Project Portfolio.

Procurement Department Procedures

The actual full Procedures that will be created based on all the information above as well as other best practices that will complete the Procurement system for Client.