Our Story

dms360 was born from the collective experience of the firm’s principal, Bernadette Bosse. During her time in the oil and gas industry, this dms360 founder identified the absence of a unified and efficient strategy for the flow and management of documentation and data. Her vision was to create logical, simple workflows and procedures that would enable companies to receive or create, manage, access, modify, and retrieve large numbers of documents quickly and seamlessly, regardless of how simple or complex the environment is.


Through thoughtful standardization and scalability, lean and effective management of all documentation and data files is possible in small companies with manual systems, as well as those large organizations who are looking to seamlessly integrate their documentation with their digital asset data.


A standards model was developed that would become the basis of dms360. Her model factored in all of the components of documentation management on a large scale – giving consideration to the need for multiple users in multiple locations to access documentation and data files, and for the workflows to be compatible with various industry regulations.


Design and drafting services go hand in hand with documentation management, and was a natural progression for dms360.


This further led to the expansion of providing project, construction, and operations quality, as well as project excellence. Side by side, the efforts of dms360 and its divisions are changing the way business is conducted, making for a safer and more reliable sector.


The dms360 model has been met with great success. As vanguards in the documentation and data file management industry, Bernadette and the dms360 team are constantly refining the standards and best practices, and sharing their knowledge with dms360 clients.

Using our diverse experience and expertise, we have developed a series of pre-designed products, which we tailor to our client's specific needs and culture. These products are bolstered by our in-depth consultancy services, and are continually updated and maintained to keep them current with industry regulations and practices.


dms360 has proven itself, working with some of the biggest names in Canada’s energy sector, both corporate and regulatory, and our continued work with both clients and partners internationally.

dms360 and its divisions provide services for:

  • Pulp and paper

  • Legal

  • Retail

  • Energy

  • Utilities

  • Mining

  • Engineering Contractors

  • Owner Operators

  • Fabricators

  • Construction Companies