On-Site Documentation Control As A Service

We provide the required level of qualified Document Controller and place them into our clients' offices to provide the support that is required, for as much time that is needed for the work to be performed according to established standards. Our resources work within the client's structure, on their servers, with their software.


This on site DCAAS is done in conjunction with our consulting work, as we will not place a dms360 trained individual in an environment that is not working towards best practices in documentation management.


Once the organization is ready to take over the management of the data, dms360 will ensure proper training and handover to the client's resources.


Managing data for organizations still requires a commitment from the company to interact with the process, and therefore we train and set expectations for all parties internal and external to the organization, and help them along the path to ensure a seamless relationship between the client company and dms360.