Hosted Modifiable Drawing and Facility Document Management

dms360 provides a secure cloud hosted service for modifiable drawing and facility document files. Included is the proper management of those files in the process of sign out, sign in, updating revisions, as well as managing the x-references. We hold these files in trust and as custodians on behalf of our clients.


This is an area that many organizations still do not manage appropriately due to lack of adequate procedures, software, or trained resources.


Housing the modifiable files appropriately mitigates pre-work to re-create drawings on future expansions or replicated sites, and the proper management can avoid costly or dangerous circumstances during concurrent engineering or site maintenance.


The files are managed through a state of the art software platform that allows integrated workflows, customized naming fields, and proper management of reference files. We also provide a platform for the secure transfer of the files to external organizations who are authorized to have access, while maintaining the true source of information safe inside the controlled area.


Our backup and security protocols ensure the highest level of care and auditability. The workflows that have been developed by dms360 accurately manage the control of the files in single and in concurrent project management situations.


Configuration – developing the hosted software to include Client specific naming conventions and metadata requirements into the dedicated vault.

Migration – relocating existing drawing files and x-references into the configured vault.

Storage – local storage costs per GB of data. dms360 will be custodians only of all client data stored on the server.

Processes and Forms – all processes, workflows, and forms required to request files for sign out, update, or sign in.

Software – the software is used to house and manage the modifiable drawing files using integrated workflows, intelligent numbering systems, and fast accurate search engines. The primary benefit to the software is the ability to manage x-reference files according to absolute best practices and standards.

Security – our security protocols take the management of modifiable drawing files very seriously, ensuring that only specialized and authorized personnel within dms360 has access into the server, and that any requests for files from external sources have the proper authorization before files are transferred.

Concurrent Engineering/Projects - the processes that dms360 uses to manage Concurrent Engineering or Projects will ensure that no file is modified by more than one contractor without proper controls, processes, and traceability. We utilize three different methods depending on the Project requirements for schedule, and Client PM involvement will be required when necessary to ensure integrity of files.

Backup – we have complete backup on the entire cloud, including the files and the software configuration.

Services – include all the day to day functions of the Drawing Manager, including maintenance, sign out and in of files, and files for update. dms360 will work with our Client's IT department to create a specific email for Drawing Control which will be rerouted to us. This will avoid confusion with contractors and staff at the Client.