Migrating Files

Data clean up entails auditing your existing data for completeness, quality, and relevance. Files may need to be separated if multiples documents or drawings are contained in one PDF file, a numbering convention may need to be applied, and old versions and duplicates may need to be managed. In addition, adequate indexing is required for use in either a manual system or for bulk upload into a software application.


dms360 not only has the proficiency to quickly and accurately audit your files, but the resources available on demand, in shifts if required, at a minimal cost per file to migrate the files. This not only frees up our client's resources, but prevents them from having to load up and trim down on internal resources.


Migration can be as simple as moving files into a network drive, or bulk uploading files into a system. Either way, data needs to be quality checked after migration to ensure no errors occurred during the transfer.


Another very important element in migration is to ensure integration between systems; bringing digital data in from other systems, as well as pushing data to downstream systems. We work closely with all software platforms to ensure that data is as integrated as the system is capable, and that duplicate entries of metadata are avoided.