Meet Our Team

Our experienced team of subject matter experts (SMEs) comes from many business disciplines. All are well versed in business processes, including documentation and digital data file management, project services and quality management, design/drafting, quality assurance, health, safety and environment, human resources, and management consulting.

Bernadette Bosse
President and CEO
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dms360 President and CEO Bernadette Bosse, is a veteran of almost two decades in the information, communication, and documentation and data management sphere. Her direct experience includes documentation and information management, procurement, expediting, and inventory control across several industries in the engineering sector, and has practical experience in project management and project controls. She has developed the first-of-its-kind Documentation Management program hosted by the University of Calgary, and is the CEO of the Certified Documentation and Data Management Association of Canada (CDDMAC).


Bernadette ensures that dms360’s client's processes are aligned with regulatory bodies, and are auditable. She specializes in evaluating client requirements and needs, and developing the base systems and processes designed to increase efficiency and regulatory compliance. She is skilled in identifying potential bottlenecks in information flow within and across departments, and in creating and implementing customized document management systems.


Bernadette is well-versed in dealing with multiple projects documentation management requirements, including concurrent engineering, data integration, and project completion.

pqe360 Team

The pqe360 team consists of individuals with their P.Eng, PMP, and CMQ/OE covering the Project Management, Project Quality, Project Systems Implementation, and Project and Data Systems Programming roles, with a mixture of expertise in oil and gas, wastewater, mining, medical, and web development.  The team has international experience in the United States, China, Romania, UAE, the UK, France, and across Canada. 

Bridget Carrancho
Director of Operational Affairs
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Director of Operational Affairs Bridget Carrancho, has more than 25 years of experience in management, operational development and day-to-day operations in a variety of industries. This has allowed her to understand from the bottom up the most important aspects of efficiency in corporate and project cost control, human resources and administration management, as well as corporate growth forecasts and mapping, planning and execution of operational directives, and software and information systems management.


Bridget has a high level of understanding on corporate regulations regarding compliancy, confidentiality and liability, and has a sound base in shareholder and investor agreements and relations.

dms360 Team

The dms360 team is a group of trained, educated, and mentored individuals ranging from Junior level all the way to Subject Matter Experts. This team works tirelessly at improving the approach we take to each unique client, and is continually learning and growing to ensure the best service in all elements we provide.

dds360 Team

The dds360 team is lead by a knowledgable and experienced individual whose resume includes teaching CADworx, AutoCAD, and Piping drafting. He leads a team of juniors, intermediates, and senior drafters, as well as designers. they work with a select group of professional engineers to ensure authenticated design is available.