Learning Centre

dms360 creates various events as well as speaks at other organization's events as often as possible to assist in the education and mentorship of many people at one time. These interactive sessions allows each person to learn from each other's experiences, and aids in our own continued growth through situations, questions, and issues.


We publish articles on our team member's LinkedIn pages, and write whitepapers to further the goal of an expanded body of knowledge and understanding in Documentation and Data Management for everyone across Canada.


Below are some whitepapers that we have either written or sourced. For seminars, webinars, and upcoming courses, please see our news feed at the bottom of the page.

Formal education in Documentation and Data Management is currently offered through the ZanEdU College in an online certificate program. Career channels are available for:

Head Office Engineering Documentation Managers

Facility Documentation Managers

Fabrication Documentation Managers

Modifiable File Managers

Corporate Governance Documentation Managers


Courses can be found on the ZanEdU's website.