Hosted Services

What DCAAS entails:

  • In depth initial set up with clients

  • Establish internal and external contacts and rules of conduct/scope

  • Review of client procedures (if none, dms360 will follow CDDMACanada Standards

  • dms360 provides a hosted secure cloud environment complete with leading edge documentation management software

  • Use of existing client nomenclature OR option to have new numbering structure developed

  • Use of pre-designed forms and templates OR use of existing client forms and templates

  • Free upgrade of client’s existing forms and templates (does not include procedures)

  • On-demand services during work hours (8am to 5pm Mon to Fri)

  • On-call services (5pm to 10pm Mon to Fri, and 9am to 5pm Sat and Sun)

  • On site or remote resources working in hosted environment

  • Full processing of internally created and incoming external documentation

  • 8 business hour turn around on documentation processing, or less

  • Documentation numbering management

  • 1 business hour turnaround on assigning numbers during on-demand or on-call hours, or less

  • Facility Data Book creation, EPC supervision, or updates (as required)

  • All external submissions are routed through virtual DC Department

  • Full hand over of files, forms, and index at contract completion. Includes 3 hours training at no cost. Additional training after handover subject to charges

  • Available in six month or one year contracts, option for renewal