To understand our client's unique needs and path forward, we will often begin with an in-depth evaluation of their current state in both documentation and data management, drafting, and in the Project Management Office (PMO).


dms360 reviews include dds360 elements, and audits documentation and data mapping, systems, structure, and compliance with regulatory documentation standards. We audit the effectiveness of the communication and data integration. The report is detailed enough to provide an in depth review of the risks and tangible inefficiencies, as well as non-compliance in legal or regulated standards. We identify the root cause to the various symptoms that companies experience, and determine both the tangible cost of running the current structures and systems, as well as the ROI an organization can expect once best practices are implemented fully.


Evaluation reports are an important way for us to relay our findings to our clients, therefore we take the creation of the reports very seriously. Included in the report is the phased approach (written in SOW format) that the organization can take, working on the most immediate or critical needs, and working all the way down to the nice-to-haves. We believe in full transparency with our clients and will put as much information into the reports as is possible, in multiple methods of communication, to ensure all recipients fully understand the findings, risks, and recommendations we submit.


In collaboration with their teams, we then define milestones and exact needs and mandates. We develop a mix of our pre-designed products and our consultancy services to create a customized plan based on a client's specific requirements.


Schedule and estimates:

An evaluation for a company smaller than 200 people will typically require 30 hours for the evaluation, with an additional 5 hours for report writing, and 2 for the debriefing meeting.

For a company of 200 to 500 people, a minimum of 40 hours is required for the evaluation, plus the additional seven hours.

Companies with 500 or more people can expect between 50 to 80 hours for an evaluation, plus the additional seven hours.


Evaluations will typically require 20 hours of work per week, meaning a 40 our evaluation spans two weeks, with an additional week to create the report.

Shorter more condensed evaluations can be arranged.


To have dms360 send you a condensed version of the evaluation, complete the mini evaluation via the button below and send a request for report to dms360. It is recommended that individuals representing a good cross-section of the organiation each fill out a separate form.