Documentation Control As A Service

DCAAS is a managed service providing Documentation Control As A Service in either a hosted environment or on-site. Organizations that are either growing or downsizing still need to manage the internally and externally created documentation. The choice to not manage the documentation, or having untrained individuals manage the documentation leads to issues in using the information, and increases wasted hours and frustration.


There has not previously been a good source for managed services in this area, leading companies to choose the inefficient and ineffective method of untrained resources. However, our DCAAS finally provides that much needed support to ensure high quality control and processing of documentation without the full time commitment from an organization.


Not all organizations require or can cover the costs of a full time Documentation and Data Management group or the appropriate software. This is where our services offer a solution to the company's needs; without a full time commitment. Alternatively, organizations may only require aid in managing their modifiable drawing files.


Organizations can now take a step back and allow us to utilize our processes, resources, and knowledge to manage documentation and data for them. Any work required to customize our methods to suit our client's organization, or to integrate previous efforts into our system, is managed jointly throughout the process.


We will also create a plan to clean up an organization's data as we migrate it into our hosted environment, or reorganize it in our client's structure to make management of the data according to best practices.