It is very satisfying to have the structure and systems in place to ensure your staff are succeeding in their positions as Project Managers. By utilizing our experts, we establish the systems and train your staff to ensure projects are managed excellently.


Published procedures will be tailored to your organization’s processes and programs. pqe360 will provide best-in-class procedures that are continually updated and maintained to reflect the current regulations, security protocols, and best practices and standards. Coupled with the industry leading procedures we develop are the documented workflows and associated forms necessary to ensure elegance in your project organization.


The core of any initiative for our client’s internal resources is training. pqe360 has a wide array of training and subject matter experts that can provide your organization the tools and techniques for project quality and excellence. Training can be provided in either English, French, or Arabic.


The following are areas that we provide in-house focused training:

  • Management of Change (MOC)

  • Field Installation Work Package creation

  • EWP contents and creation

  • Interference Management Planning

  • Regulatory landscapes (Canada and/or USA)

  • The facilitation, documentation, and mitigation strategies of risk assessments