Managing data and documentation is more than simple storage requirements. It is the lean, but complex interactions between expectations and the ability to deliver. It is in the methods for creation and content control, traceability of information, quality and integrity of the data, and the availability regardless of user needs.

Procedures form the basis of a management system. They establish the rules, guidelines and options for all members of internal and external teams.


Well written procedures do not take individuals on only one path, but provide multiple structured paths depending on the situation they face at any given moment, each path with guidance to ensure the correct management of the relevant files. Ensuring that procedures are written to suit the demographics of an organization is just as important as the content found within.


At dms360, we have already done the majority of the work that is needed, forming a skeleton on which to build the culture and nuances specific to our clients.


Product pricing includes all continual updates and maintenance of the procedures we provide. Maintenance reflects the up to date regulations, security protocols, and best practices and standards.

Additional Procedures are available as part of the consulting work, as needed by the client.


Having the right workflows will simplify the approach to both procedure creation and training personnel in all departments. Forms and templates are effective and simple tools, but we take the time to create these with the care and attention they deserve. This prevents multiple versions of forms or templates, which could create confusion in their application.


Keeping the system all-encompassing yet at the same time lean takes time and patience, and dms360 has spent years developing and testing the processes and procedures to create that environment. This is how we show our commitment to our clients; by using existing knowledge we have forged ourselves as a backbone, with customization to suit the culture, industry, growth projections, and type of organization we assist.


Whether we autonomously create the system for our clients, work with clients to create the system, train their internal resources, or manage their data for them; we have the flexibility to support our clients the way they need to be supported.

Thereafter we perform full implementation and training to ensure your organization's continued success in managing your new system. Contact us for pricing.


dms360 works with all the groups in the organization, from Procurement and Drafting, to Engineers and Operators. We do fit for group training, ensuring we do not bombard them with information they do not need.