Consulting Overview

Being software agnostic, we help our clients get the most out of their current document management or project planning software, and guide them through a migration to a more effective system of processes and procedures, always at the lowest cost possible. If they are beginning their journey of software selection, we assist them in sourcing, evaluating, selecting, and translating the processes to the development team. This aids in the right tool selection, with the right configuration. When software is not yet required, we assist our clients with the best network drive configuration to achieve their management needs.


dms360 not only establishes our clients’ systems, but continues the relationship by providing updates of any changes to regulatory requirements and standards in documentation and data management. We ensure that all staff are trained to work in the new documentation control environment and culture, and assist in the implementation of the systems.


This is the only way to ensure success; not just in the creation of procedures, but in the implementation of the procedures.


We assist clients in a variety of industries and company types, from Oil and Gas, Utilities, Mining, Residential and Commercial Construction, and Retail, across all company types such as Owner/Producers, Engineering, Point of Sale, Field Services, Vendors, and Manufacturers.

As veterans of the engineering industries – the most tightly regulated industries in the world – we know how to configure the best practices to create the right fit for you. We are proud to be the only documentation management provider officially recommended by APEGA.


dms360 exists to facilitate the development of customized workflows that enable you to optimize your document management and project performance processes and procedures with flexible, scalable systems that reflect your unique requirements.