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Properly filing documentation is not considered documentation management.

Documentation Management includes understanding what information is required, by task or project, specific to the industry and organizational requirements; how documentation and data files are to be created and by who, to what standards and content completion, and how to integrate the documented information throughout the project lifecycle, providing support to the project team at every step of the process. It also includes management of modifiable files as well as of all corporate governance documentation.


dms360 answers the need for high-quality, scalable documentation and data management systems. Our primary focus is on the most critical aspect of document management:

The creation of workflows, procedures, and processes designed to maximize efficiency, quality, and traceability of all data.


Our DCAAS (Documentation Control As A Service) is an environment where organizations can tap into a pool of shared resources in order to fulfill their Documentation Control Departmental needs without the strain of a full time commitment.


dds360 is a division of dms360 that provides end to end drafting services as well as design deliverables. These services reduce the strain on organizations to maintain full design and drafting services or departments. This division is perfect for projects that require drafting services, but do not have the luxury of having an internal drafter. Or perhaps, there is a large influx of backdrafting from site updates. Our designers and drafters work quickly with high quality work and senior checking to ensure accuracy.


pqe360 is the division of dms360 that specializes in project quality and project excellence, bringing an improved methodology to risk management, quality integration, and compliance. This solves the troubles that poor project quality has on an organization. The assessment and plans pqe360 implements satisfy the needs of a project management office (PMO), which includes the areas of project organization, risk exposure, root cause, value stream mapping, and waste analysis. Because this has a direct impact on construction and operations performance, we deliver the best in class practices that lay on top of a solid documentation management base, as provided by the processes dms360 builds.


Strong documentation and communication management is critical to the success of companies and projects, regardless of if the information is to be captured at the very beginning of a project or activity, or through the final stages of closing a project out. With a refined documentation management program in place, risks such as loss of files and non-compliance with regulations are mitigated. Higher efficiency and greater productivity is achieved through having quick access to the latest versions of crucial documentation. With the right documentation in the right place, communication is improved.


dms360 Ltd. is a software agnostic consulting firm that works with a variety of software platforms to ensure the correct fit for each individual organization.

"If you currently have Document Control, Drawing Management or Data Management, chances are it could be serving you better. We need to change our fundamental views about our data. If we do not nurture it, it will not give us what we need." Bernadette Bosse